Comprehensive Holistic Wellness Evaluations (90 min):  available ONLINE or in-person at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA.  Comprehensive Evaluations are an inquiry into a client's spiritual, emotional, and physical symptoms of imbalance (or dis-ease) and also a look at the individual's positive indicators of health, wellness, and joy. As mentioned on the "About" page, I do address some general medical conditions holistically, as a consultant only.  (Seeing me is NOT a replacement for medical care with a primary care physician.)  Mind and body are connected, and I enjoy trying to help people achieve health on ALL levels. Each initial evaluation includes a typed or written list of recommendations (emailed within a week of the session), including diet, herbal, and behavioral suggestions.  

Focused Integrative Psychiatry Evaluation (60 min): a more specifically-focused holistic psychiatry evaluation offered in-person at the Chopra Center & online.  Due to the more time-limited nature of this session, this evaluation is limited more specifically to a certain issue or problem the client wants to address, generally with a psychiatric/psychologic or emotional component.  If more time is needed, the session can be converted to 90 minutes (if time is available in my schedule) or a second session can be scheduled within the same or following week.

Personalized Ayurvedic Diet/Lifestyle Consultation (60 min): an in-person offering at the Chopra Center and an online offering in my private practice.  I am a certified Perfect Health Ayurvedic educator with the Chopra Center.  I am also one of their staff physicians for the renown Perfect Health program.   I have expertise helping people figure out their Ayurvedic dosha (primary constitutional type) and doshic imbalances, which I then address with dosha-balancing diets, herbs, behavioral practices, and more.  

Intuitive Astrology Sessions (Tropical/Western Astrology): 60 minute, 90 minute, and custom length ONLINE or in-person at the Chopra Center. Astrology options include natal charts, current transits (predictive astrology), relationship compatibility, and relocation/travel astrology (often not all in one reading, however). I have been studying astrology for close to 18 years and incorporating my unique readings into my work with clients over the past 8 years. Sessions include a chart PDF and digital session recording.

​Holistic Health/Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (ONLINE/PHONE only): geared towards emotionally-stable individuals who simply want to live more healthy, creative, and inspired lives. In coaching the focus moves away from specific medical or psychologic issues towards an emphasis on general health and spiritual wellbeing (no diagnosis and treatment of specific medical/psychological conditions).  Coaching sessions involve a combination of diet, exercise, supplements, meditation, goal setting, and accountability. My coaching work is well-suited for psychologically-stable clients who want to focus on living lives they love, finding their optimal path or work in the world, improving general wellness, working on specific goals or skills (such as weight loss, work productivity, exercise, meditation, or yoga), and/or developing spiritually.  

Integrative Psychotherapy and Mixed-Modality Sessions: the ongoing weekly, bimonthly, or monthly follow-up sessions I offer. Depending on the case, a patient/client may receive relatively standard psychotherapy or something a bit more eclectic, such as sound healing, art therapy , energy work, meditation instruction, nutritional adjustment, personalized herbal remedy recommendations, health coaching, yoga instruction, astrology reading, etc. For most individuals therapy (or coaching) is the foundation of each session, but additional healing services are woven in as needed or desired.

Integrative Medicine Professional Mentorship: To try to positively contribute to the evolution of medicine I teach at the U of Arizona & UCSD medical school, offer workshops and classes in the community, and designed this 1:1 ONLINE program in professional development (mentorship) for medical students, residents, psychotherapists, and practicing physicians.  In this program students will receive an abbreviated holistic health (coaching-style) evaluation, set professional and personal goals (and work towards them), and receive personal health coaching as well as directed teaching along a number of holistic health topics.  I have created a semi-structured curriculum for this program (covering many integrative/holistic medical, spiritual, & psychological topics).  I also use each individual client/student's personal issues as teaching inspiration.  We try to cover a new topic each session (lessons include "Female Health", "Digestive Health", "Neurological Health", "Aches and Pains", "Adrenal Support", "Digestion",  and more).  Occasionally the client's own cases may be discussed (confidentially).  Mentorship is appropriate for aspiring holistic therapists, physicians, graduate students, nurses, etc.  

Personalized Intensive Healing Retreats (for individuals, groups, couples): I welcome out-of-town patients who wish to do a lot of work in a short amount of time to join me for a personalized, intensive (2-5 hours a day, 2-5 days in a row) retreat focused on one or several issues.  Previous clients have addressed self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, relationships, trauma, and family dynamics/forgiveness in retreats.  Retreats are currently happening in conjunction with the La Costa Resort & Spa. Contact me directly to plan a 1:1 personalized retreat or to build a semi-custom retreat in conjunction with a Chopra Center program (such as "Perfect Health" ). Additional details about my custom retreat work can also be found on my Hawaii retreat website .

Kayse Cole Budd, MD
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