Comprehensive Holistic Wellness Evaluations (90 min) are my unique initial evaluations. This service is available ONLINE or in-person at the Chopra Center/La Costa Spa in Carlsbad, CA.  Comprehensive Evaluations involve an inquiry into a client's spiritual, emotional, and physical symptoms of imbalance (or dis-ease) and also a look at the individual's positive indicators of health, wellness, and joy. As mentioned on the "About" page, I do address some general medical conditions holistically, as a consultant only.  (Seeing me is NOT a replacement for medical care with a primary care physician, however.)  Mind and body are connected, and I really do enjoy trying to help people achieve health on ALL levels. During and after each evaluation I spend a considerable amount of time weaving together the information I've gathered, coming up with a working theory for what may be going on psychologically, spiritually, and physically in each client's life.  This theory then becomes the foundation for the ongoing health coaching and/or therapy work I offer during my sessions.  Each holistic initial evaluation will include a typed or written list of recommendations (emailed within a week of the session), including diet, herbal, and behavioral modifications I suggest as a treatment plan based on my assessment of each client and situation. I will also make a referral to a holistically-minded PCP for optimal coordination of care if medical issues are present.

Focused Integrative Psychiatry Evaluation (60 min) are a more specifically-focused holistic psychiatry evaluation offered exclusively at the Chopra Center/La Costa Spa.  Due to the more time-limited nature of this session, this evaluation is limited more specifically to a certain issue or problem the client wants to address, generally with a psychiatric/psychologic or emotional component.  If more time is needed, the session can be converted to 90 minutes (if time is available in my schedule) or a second session can be scheduled within the same or next week.  

Integrative Psychotherapy and Mixed-Modality Sessions are the ongoing weekly, bimonthly, or monthly follow-up sessions I offer. Depending on the case, a patient/client may receive relatively standard psychotherapy or something a bit more eclectic, such as sound healing one week, art therapy another week, energy work, meditation instruction, nutritional adjustment, personalized herbal remedies or flower essence blends, health coaching, private yoga instruction, astrology reading/insights, etc.  For most individuals therapy (or coaching) is the foundation of each session, but additional healing services are organically woven in as needed or desired.

​Holistic Health Coaching is a growing area of practice for me (available ONLINE/PHONE only). After many years of being a dedicated psychotherapist and physician, I have expanded my work to include sessions that are geared towards individuals who simply want to live more healthy, joyful, creative, and inspired lives. In coaching the focus moves away from treating specific medical or psychologic issues towards an emphasis on general health and spiritual wellbeing (no diagnosis and treatment of specific medical/psychological conditions).  I love helping people operate at their optimal level of physical health (using a combination of diet, exercise, supplements, meditation, and goal setting), grow spiritually, and CREATE their best lives in the world. My coaching work is well-suited for emotionally stable clients who want to focus on living lives they love, finding their optimal path or work in the world, improving general health, working on specific goals or skills (such as meditation or yoga), and/or developing spiritually.  

Integrative Medicine Professional Mentorship is an important part of my practice (nearly 1/3 of her clients are physicians or therapists).  I am very dedicated to her personal goal of helping medicine to become more holistic and truly HEALING.  To try to positively contribute to the evolution of medicine I teach biannually at the U of Arizona medical school, offer workshops and classes in the community, and designed this personal, 1:1 ONLINE program in professional development (mentorship) for medical students, residents, psychotherapists, and practicing physicians.  In this program students will receive an abbreviated holistic health evaluation, set professional and personal goals (and work towards them), and receive personal health coaching as well as directed teaching about a number of holistic health topics.  I have created a semi-structured curriculum for this program (covering many integrative and holistic medical, spiritual, & psychological topics).  I also use each individual client/student's personal issues as teaching inspiration.  Mentorship is appropriate for aspiring holistic therapists, physicians, graduate students, nurses, etc.  It may be possible to modify the curriculum for students from the general public, if desired and appropriate (case by case basis).  

Astrology Sessions are possible for people who just wish to tap into my astrology/intuitive gifts.  I offer 60 minute, 90 minute, and custom length ONLINE astrology readings, including natal charts, current transits (predictive astrology), relationship compatibility, and relocation/travel astrology.  I have been studying astrology for close to 17 years now and slowly incorporating my unique readings into my work with clients over the past 8 years.  I have "Pallas Athena" (asteroid) in my house of career (10th house) in my own chart, which is a classic marker of an astrologer and/or someone gifted with pattern recognition (a great skill for both astrologers and psychiatrists).  I am even pretty skilled at working out the birth charts of people who do not know their exact birth time by looking for certain patterns in their lives via an interview and then matching the patterns to known astrological configurations.  

Film/Television Consulting is available by Skype or in-person, depending on the circumstance.  I am super interested in the film industry and enjoy working with creative people involved at various stages of the production process.  Depending on the project and its relation to my knowledge-base, I am available for script review/editing, actor coaching, and concept design for psychologic, psychiatric, and general medical content for film or television.  On-site stress-relief and wellness coaching/custom programs may also be possible for a specific production or event.  

Corporate Consulting is a newer area of practice for me.  I love working with groups, however.  So, working with groups from a single company or organization is natural fit.  I am highly skilled/expert in preventing burnout, stress management, transformation, conflict resolution/nonviolent communication, helping individuals find their path/dharma/unique potential, and motivation/empowerment.  Corporate Consulting could include 1:1 sessions, specialized 1/2 day or day-long retreats for 8-200 people.  Sessions could happen at your location or at the Chopra Center.  Multi-day custom retreats are also possible.  

Custom Lectures/Teaching Engagements are my favorite!  I love to teach.  I teach at UCSD, the U of Arizona, and at many special events, community functions, wellness workshops, colleges/schools, and other group gatherings.  Truthfully, I love everything I do, but teaching is definitely a particularly fun expression for me.  I am available to lecture on a variety of holistic wellness topics from "Stress-Relief" to "Spirituality" to "Basics of Ayurveda" to "Dosha-Specific Diets" to "Finding Your Path".  Also "Women's Wellness", "Holistic Approaches to Psychiatry", "Eco-Psychology", "Art as Medicine: The Healing Power of Creativity", "Adrenal Support", "Conscious Relating", "Intro to Astrology", and more.

Personalized Intensive Healing Retreats (for individuals, groups, couples) are a special, custom offering.  I welcome out-of-town patients who wish to do a lot of work in a short amount of time to join me for a personalized, intensive (2-5 hours a day, 2-5 days in a row) retreat focused on one or several issues.  Previous clients have addressed self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, relationships, trauma, and family dynamics/forgiveness in retreats.  Retreats are currently happening in conjunction with the La Costa Resort & Spa. Contact me directly to plan a 1:1 personalized retreat or to build a semi-custom retreat in conjunction with a Chopra Center program (such as "Perfect Health" ). Additional details about my custom retreat work can also be found on my Hawaii retreat website .

Kayse Cole Budd, MD
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