Comprehensive Holistic Wellness/Integrative Psychiatry Evaluation 90 min:  $520

Focused Integrative Psychiatry Evaluation 60 min: $395

Personalized Ayurvedic Diet/Lifestyle Consultation 60 minutes: $395

Integrative Psychotherapy or Mixed-Modality Follow-Up Sessions 60 min:  $395

Intuitive Astrology Session 60 min: $225


Comprehensive Holistic Wellness or Integrative Psychiatry Evaluation 90 min:  $355

Focused Integrative Psychiatry Evaluation 60 min: $295

Psychotherapy or Mixed-Modality Follow-Up Sessions 60 min:  $255

Ayurvedic Diet/Lifestyle Consultation 60 minutes: $295

Intuitive Astrology Session 60 min-90 min: $155-$225



Holistic Health Coaching (Online): Most clients enter this part of the practice with an Ayurvedic consult ($295).  If more general holistic/spiritual/wellness coaching is desired, then the cost is $255 for the initial 60-min initial visit. $155 for 60 min for all follow-up sessions.  

*I also occasionally honor the $255 initial/$155 follow-up price as a s l i d i n g scale for students or other patients who have significant financial challenges, are very well-matched to my values/style, and feel a strong pull to work with me in the medical side of my practice.  Sliding scale spaces are limited in number, however, and not always available.  

Professional Mentorship (Online):  See for more information and multi-session pricing.  

Multi-Day Personalized Intensive Retreats (In-Person)--for individuals, couples, organizations/businesses, or families (1-7 days): Custom priced (generally in the range of $3500-5000 or around $1000/day).  This is a way to make big changes in a small amount of time.  The price is discounted relative to my usual a la carte services.  Retreats are primarily based out of the La Costa Resort, but custom locations are also possible.  Please contact me directly and/or visit the retreat practice website for more details  

                                                                         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   


Cash, check, direct bank transfer (preferred), and credit card/Paypal are accepted.  

I do not currently accept insurance or Medicare, though I can give you a bill/receipt you can submit to your insurance company or HSA (healthcare savings account) for reimbursement.  

As a medical doctor many of my services are tax deductible.  
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