Mystic Mandala Medicine is a unique, "boutique" practice, which means that it caters to a specialized (holistically-minded) kind of patient seeking an individualized, creative service.  I really enjoy developing authentic connections with each of my patients, and if you become my patient, your wellness will become a real priority in my life.  


General Holistic Health 
 --Herbal Medicine/Herbal Remedies/Supplements
--Nutritional Healing/Whole Foods Nutrition/Macrobiotic Diet

Cultivating Happiness



Finding Purpose/ Dharma / Life Path

--Supplements and Dietary Recommendations for Optimal Aging

Psychosomatic Illness (Physical conditions which may include an emotional component)
--Autoimmune Conditions, Headaches, Digestive Issues, Hormone Imbalances, Chronic Fatigue, etc.


--Herbal Medicine
---Meditation Instruction

Eating Disorders 
--Integrative Mind-Body-Spirit Approach

Mild Bipolar Disorder (Bipolar II)

Mild Depression

I do not work with severe/acute stages of illness.  Stabilization must come first, but I am happy to try to provide a referral to another provider if more acute or intensive management is needed.  

Nature is a co-director of the healing program with me.  I am an "eco-therapist", which means I firmly believe in the restorative properties of the land, air, fire, and water all around us.  I am especially passionate about and connected to FLOWERS (and the healing power of flowers).  So, part of my healing work involves helping others connect more with the natural world, if they have become disconnected.   If you become my patient, it is possible some of your sessions will occur outdoors--at the beach, in a garden, on a rock, or amongst the trees.

I will try herbal medicines/natural remedies, lifestyle/dietary changes, and/or psychotherapy before offering any pharmaceutical.  I can and do occasionally prescribe some psychiatric medications if other methods fail.  I do not usually use the more commonly addictive medications such as benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan, etc.) and stimulants (Adderall, etc.), however.  I also do not commonly prescribe medications that require a lot of adjustments and monitoring (such as lithium).  Virtual (online/phone) sessions do not presently include the option of medication management.  They feature holistic/natural approaches ONLY.  If extensive or complex medication management is needed, I most likely will refer the pharmacological portion of a case to a colleague.  This is not because I do not know how to do this kind of work; it is because my gifts and passion lie in the realm of creative healing, integrative wellness, and heart-focused eco-psychology.  This is a nature-based, psychotherapy-centric holistic healing practice---something extremely unique among psychiatrists practicing today.    

Kayse Cole Budd, MD
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