I am a very different kind of physician--very spiritual, very artistic.  I am an educator and a healer. I do as much astrology and general holistic medicine as psychology/psychiatry these days.  My practice is very full and time is limited.  I prioritize clients who are interested in a combination of astrology, holistic medicine, and psycho-spiritual growth.  Serving in this way brings me the most joy.  I no longer practice traditional psychiatry and function primarily as a consultant at this point in my career. 

I am a 100% plant-based integrative physician. No pharmaceuticals prescribed. 

I do not work with severe or acute stages of illness. 

I use herbal medicines, lifestyle/behavioral changes, food/nutrition, nature, and psychotherapy in my treatment plans.  

I practice evidence-based holistic medicine.  Almost all of my recommendations have some scientific data supporting their use.  

Though I no longer prescribe traditional pharmaceuticals, I can occasionally offer advice about the mindful use of western medications and the feasibility of thoughtful integration of holistic modalities.

Kayse Cole Budd, MD
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