Hello. Welcome to Mystic Mandala Medicine!  My name is Kayse Budd, and it is a pleasure to introduce you to my practice.  

I am a traditionally-trained allopathic physician and board-certified psychiatrist.  I am also a healer, teacher, & artist.  Putting those things together: I practice creative, evidence-based integrative medicine.  

The majority of my practice is psychotherapy, comprehensive wellness consultations, integrative psychiatry evaluations, and Ayurvedic health/wellness coaching.  I also offer professional mentorship, custom retreats/workshops, stand-alone astrology readings, and more.  I have been fortunate to amass expertise in a wide range of useful modalities over the course of my life: herbal medicine, nutrition, yoga, meditation, art therapy, dance therapy, energy medicine, astrology, mind-body medicine, multiple types of psychotherapy (CBT, psychodynamic, ACT, DBT, emotion-focused, somatic and more), sound healing, Ayurveda, and indigenous healing techniques.  

My educational background includes a BS from Duke University, MD from the University of Michigan Medical School, Swedish Family Practice Internship (Seattle, WA), and the University of Arizona Psychiatry Residency. I am knowledgeable about evidence-based integrative/natural approaches to both mental/emotional concerns and a wide variety of general medical issues. Thus, I am able to work as a consultant (in conjunction with patients' PCPs) to address select physical problems in a very integrative fashion (particularly problems that have a mind-body or psychologic component, such as digestive issues, headaches, hormone imbalance, inflammation, energy levels, skin conditions/eczema, allergies, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, Lyme/Epstein-Barr infection, etc.).   

I have recently joined the staff of the renown Chopra Center (a Vedic Health/Wellness/Meditation Center founded by Deepak Chopra, MD) at the La Costa Spa/Resort in Carlsbad, CA as their first-ever "Integrative Psychiatrist".  I also am on the general medical staff at the Chopra Center as a "Perfect Health Physician". I do Ayurvedically-inspired holistic health consultations 2 days a week at the center, Integrative Psychiatry 1 day per week, & astrology 1 day/week.  I also teach occasionally at UCSD and work online with private clients.  

In terms of philosophy, I believe that every person is simultaneously on an inner and an outer journey in life.  I call my work "spiral guidance" and my practice "Mystic Mandala Medicine" because the journey of personal spiritual growth or awakening is often symbolized by a spiral or mandala (such as those I have created to the left, on the homepage, and in various locations throughout this site).

I have been an adjunct faculty member of the University of Arizona Medical School since 2009. I teach for the IMER (Integrative Medicine Elective Rotation)/Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (directed by Andrew Weil, MD).  My classes have been attended by medical students and residents from around the country, and they cover some of my favorite topics -- "EcoPsychology", "Stress and Spirituality", "Art as Medicine", and "Holistic Approaches to Psychiatry".  

I started my career in Tucson where I trained and then taught at the Canyon Ranch Spa.  I also ran my own healing center for 3 years with multiple class offerings and a thriving holistic psychiatry practice. After leaving Tucson I had a nature-based EcoPsychology practice in Hawaii for several years, spent a ski season offering my services at the beautiful Peaks Spa in Telluride, Colorado, and facilitated numerous classes and workshops at healing centers, art schools, festivals, and events across the west coast and Hawaii.  I was a bonafide "gypsy doctor" for 5 years!  I am definitely not like most doctors you will meet.  My perspective and experience-base is wide, deep, and unique.  I am excited about this new phase of my career in California and hope to see you in a session or event at the Chopra Center soon!

Kayse Cole Budd, MD
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