A few patients and students have generously offered comments and testimonials (thank you ♥), though this page is continuously under construction as more feedback is always flowing in. Additional testimonials can be found on my Hawaii retreat practice website www.manamedicine.com .

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Dr. Budd is not only gifted at what she does, but she genuinely cares about the well being of her patients.  Her non-traditional method of practice is what I think helped me most. Since I started seeing her I have learned a lot about myself and holistic medicine which has helped me find healthier solutions to any mental or physical pain I may be in.  If it wasn't for her I may have never found inner peace or my spiritual side.
-J.B., patient from my previous practice in Tucson, AZ and current phone/online practice 

​You have reopened my eyes and my heart to who I am, and you have made me so eager to finally continue growing in my life, confident in myself.  Because of our work together, I have seen beauty in myself that I have ignored all of my life.  Thank you for giving me glimpses of what peace is like.
-Client/Student from Telluride, Colorado 

I have so far survived 4 months off my art alone.  Once able to jump over the hurdle of fear, I feel I am in a position of personal power most Americans can only dream of... I feel like I owe you everything. You have been such an inspiration in my life that I feel I could never pay you back what you deserve.  I hope you will let me paint a mural for you someday.  It would only partially repay you for the mental satisfaction you have provided in my life... I read "How to Win Friends and Influence People", like you suggested, and IT CHANGED MY LIFE.  I not only appreciate new, random acquaintances at bus stops, airports, etc., but these tiny human connections, aside from enriching my life, are also helping me to network my career as a freelance artist...  Thank you.  You are such an inspiration... Thank you for existing ♥♥♥.  
-Comments from client who completed a ~1 year course of therapy entirely within the online practice 

This has probably been the most worthwhile, enjoyable, PEACEFUL experience of therapy/healing I have ever had.  Though relatively early in your career, you are very, very good. 
I have seen many therapists and none have impacted me like you.
-Patient from my previous Mystic Mandala Medicine, PLLC practice in Tucson, Arizona

I have been working with Dr Budd weekly, for over a month now.  She has helped me to focus more on the good in my life, and reminded me that my ultimate job as a mother and wife, is to love unconditionally.  Her advice has helped me to improve and maintain a good connection with my teenage son.  When times get hard, I remind myself "what would Love do?" (something Dr. Budd taught me).  I feel this way of thinking has taught me to be more empathetic and in turn will teach my son to be that way.  She told me a little about my astrological sign, which I feel helped me to better understand some of my mood patterns and personality traits.  Having a better understanding of myself has helped me to accept and love myself more.  Thanks Dr Kayse for the support, tools, understanding, and love you have extended to me.  I hope to grow many more times over in my life, but I feel in the past month of working with you, I have grown tremendously.  I am still a work in progress, but hey, aren't we all? :)
-C.G., patient in my current online/phone practice    

I just want to say thank you for all you have done for [my daughter] over the last few years. You have done an outstanding job with her, counseling her, managing her meds etc. It is because of you that she is able to live a functional and healthy life. I am so proud of her.
-Comment from the mother of a patient in my previous Tucson/current online practice

Dr. Budd has coached me in so many areas of my life, and I am forever grateful to have found her.  Not only has she focused on my mind, body and spirit quickly and efficiently, but she also has tutored me on how to be more effective in my marriage and with parenting my daughter.  She quickly assesses your situation and is very adept on many levels of therapy--both on an individual level and she was also there to help my family, when needed.  I would recommend her highly to those individuals who are looking to evolve themselves and open to holistic healing.   She is a master of many traits. 
-T.S., client from online and Tucson-based practices

Over these past two years of learning with Kayse Budd, my life, soul, and love have taken that first pure breath of enlightenment I have always desired.  genuine nature and truthfulness has led me to feel emancipated from the personal and pressures that have always clouded my happiness.  Her compassion and understanding has helped me embrace and find beauty in my life and those around me.  Her energy and "aura" have a healing effect unlike any other therapy I've ever experienced.  My decision to begin seeing Kayse Budd was one of the most positive choices I have ever made.  I inspire all who seek inner happiness and peace to connect with Kayse.  She is a beautiful human being.
-N.C., patient in my previous Tucson practice and current online practice

​Kayse is awesome and a wonderful person.  She sends off great energy that really makes the class so pleasant and real.  The classes especially helped me to sleep better at night because I am able to stop all my thoughts and sort of 'meditate', which helps me get to sleep a lot easier and faster.
-Comments from an adolescent student in one of my previous MOKSHA (Experience of BEING) workshops in Telluride, Colorado 

I really liked the movement sessions and meditations. The class helped me become more aware of my surroundings.  I also really liked learning to express myself in different forms like art, writing, and dance.  It was the best experience I've ever had really getting to know myself.
-Comments from a student in one of my classes

The class/sesions helped me to take life in the moment and not be rushed. It has really helped me to not judge people and be more present within myself, spiritually. 
-Comments from a student in one of my classes

It was very centering (yes!) and calming, and your kindness--meeting with me separately to catch me up with the class--was unbelievable.  Our work together helped me to consciously think about relaxing, to notice synchronicity in my life, to think about sending coworkers love when they are stressed.
I'm living more in the present and even though I don't know where I'm going, I'm not too worried about it.
-Comments from a student/client in one of my classes

Keep doing it, wherever you are. Thank you.
-B.E., a student in one of my previous workshops

It's good to devote time to one's Self. It is not always something I devote time for-but I am more mindful of that now.
-Comment from a student in my MOKSHA class for adolescent women

Each class focused on developing a different side of one's self and that was good! I am at a point, maybe a crossroads, where the 'JOURNEY' was not only recommended but likely necessary. We will see!
-Comment from a student in my JOURNEY TO CENTER adult spiritual/creative development class

I sleep better on evenings attended. I have more clarity and less reactivity to emotionally-connected/charged relationships. With more clarity, I get more done sequentially without the chaotic energy limitations.  
-Comment from a student in one of my previous weekly classes

Really, I liked everything about it! Thank you so much for these offerings. You are an amazing healer. 
-Comment from a student/client in several of my workshops

​I'm sure you get this all the time, but you made such an impact on my life.  I graduated with my 200 hour yoga teacher certification...I couldn't be who I am today without your help...Keep being a beautiful, strong woman!
-Comment from a previous patient in my Tucson practice

I did it--I graduated nursing school! I just thought I should let you know because so much of what you taught me got me through this challenging time....Thank you again for everything.
-Recent email update from a previous patient in my Tucson practice

Thank you so much for everything...When I came to you I was at a low point in my life. Through our work together I was able to avoid a complete break down, gain a toe hold in life and actually begin moving in a new direction. What I am experiencing now is the harvest of the seeds we planted:   I am now happily married, at work I received a promotion (I am now a manager leading a group of about 17 people), I have stopped smoking and lost 80 pounds...Things are going great!  Wishing you all the best... 
-Recent email update from a previous patient in my online and Tucson practices.  

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