Self-expression is a powerful way to come home to ourselves. Three of my poems are included below--their subjects are a few of my favorite topics and a glimpse into the heart of my muse...

The Lotus

​When I dream of beauty

A goddess appears

With long green legs

And pollen tears.


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Kayse Cole Budd, MD

Alchemy of Word                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Have you discovered


Turn emotions into phrase, 

Get your feelings heard.

Open your heart,

Share what's inside.

Healing can happen

When you've nothing to hide.

Tap inner wisdom--

Plumb your great depths.

The Mystery within us 

Knows all the steps

To release our fears,

Upgrade into LOVE

Stiff, stuck emotions

Dark energy and sludge.

Dig deep now. Look UP!

It's just about time--

Put wings on your soul

With words that rhyme.
-Kayse Budd, 2013
-Kayse Budd, 2013
Sometimes a Dream

Sometimes a dream happens

And you don't know what to do.

If you don't follow it,

It will chase after you.  
-Kayse Budd, 2013
"Lotus" in acrylic by Kayse Budd, 2013
"Grow", acrylic on wood, Kayse Budd, 2009
"Dream", acrylic on canvas, Kayse Budd, 2013