Journey to Your Center  -  (JTYC) is my signature class.  It is a multidimensional, mixed-media exploration of the mind-body-spirit connection.  The class is taught as a once weekly 4 week, 6 week, or 8 week class or as a multi-day retreat.  Each session explores a different tool or technique for delving into one's self--art, dance, poetry/journaling, meditation/guided imagery, yoga, breathwork, sound/vibrational therapy, and more.  Each session also includes some teaching on an element of the mind-body connection, energy anatomy, vibration, spirituality, wellness, etc.  A sharing circle element follows each activity to facilitate processing of the experience. (Above art gives a few examples of my own personal art therapy projects--the center is an oil pastel drawing of "Healing Hands", the left is a seed bead mosaic "Bee Love", and on the right is a seed bead mandala "Flower of Life" on wood.)


Kayse Cole Budd, MD
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​Moksha -  "Experience of Being" workshops and classes are available for adolescent women.  They are a teen version of the Journey to Your Center class.  Moksha classes are intended as an exploration of the self from various angles (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, creative) and are designed to grow self-esteem, foster development of identity, spark imagination, and increase self-love. Moksha classes include expressive art, music therapy experiences, poetry/writing, ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, and discussions on self-love, self-esteem, energy, spirituality, and related positive topics.  Moskha is a Sanscrit term that technically means "release from the cycles of death and rebirth", but it also loosely means freedom or experience of true be-ing, which is the definition I am using in these classes.  I have a personal/professional interest in helping adolescent women see themselves as beautiful, amazing, unique, and powerful.  That is why I created this class.
Mystic Movement -  is an expressive dance therapy class/workshop.  It is inspired by my direct studies with 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance founder Gabrielle Roth, Soul Motion teachers Vinn Marti and Zuza Engler, Tamalpa Institute founder Anna Halprin and indirectly by others (Shiva Rea, Osho, and more).  Some classes involve dancing the elements, the colors, the chakras, the basic rhythms/patterns/vibrations of life.  Other classes happen by candlelight and are more of a ritual or prayer by design.  There is usually at least one class that includes a shamanic-style meditation/guided imagery>>dance>>art/drawing experience.  
My previous workshop space in my Tucson, AZ office/healing center
Jouney to Your Center class  at the Ahh Ha art school in Telluride, Colordo
"Heart Birth" art therapy homework I drew for one of my classes.